A Creepy CATalyst

Being a witch who can shift has its perks—seeing ghosts isn’t one of them.

Hell-o, it would've been nice if someone had warned me that my ability to shift into a cat enabled me to see ghosts. I spent a good ten minutes explaining my new pet sitting business to a spirit. I thought something was off about her, but I wasn’t expecting that!

If only I could understand what she was trying to tell me, because it turns out she was murdered. She’s followed me home until I can figure it out. And now I must care for her familiar until the inconsolable cat is assigned a new witch. Moving the ghost and her keening cat out of my house can’t happen soon enough.

When old grudges are revealed, the list of suspects grows. And it includes a young witch at the Home for Wayward Witches, who’s flaunting too much attitude and power. It can’t be her, can it?

With a killer on the loose, everyone’s got a finger or paw to point. Since I have both, I’m caught in the middle of this murder mystery. Let’s hope I can solve it before an innocent witch gets accused, or worse, someone else dies.

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