Bye Bye Banshees

There's no saying Bye-Bye to this Banshee…

Weeks ago, I was seconds away from calling an exorcist to deal with my ghostly squatter; but as it turned out, she was actually here to help.

Now, my Banshee has gone from 'uninvited guest' to 'tour guide' because she's coming to take Shade and me into the Realm of Souls.

And why are we going there?

Turns out that's where Shade's brother, the Witch King, is being held—and of course, my magic is the only thing that can set him free.

But surviving the barren hell that is the Soul Realm is a whole other ballgame.

And even with all the training I'm being given and my bracelet pumping magical steroids into my skin, I'm still not sure I'm ready to face this.

But I don't have time to develop a backup plan, because if I stay too long in the Realm of Souls...

I can't come back.

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