The Death Card

When Harper learns her cousin's death might not have been accidental, she and the Cold Case Club spring back into action. Harper’s sleuthing does nothing for her budding relationship with her ex-flame, the Chief of Police, and the constant harassment from a rival family threatens to thwart the investigation.

Since inheriting her late cousin's estate in the secretly witchy Steepwick, Maine, Harper has had to solve one mystery after another. Many led back to a rival family who accused Harper's ancestor of putting a curse on theirs. Harper thought the feud was over, but others have taken up the cause, and this time they’ve invoked some magical help.

Can Harper embrace her ancestral gifts in time to put an end to the rival family's nefarious plotting and find out who killed her cousin, or will she risk the wrath of the most powerful sorceress in the history of all time?

The Death Card is the third book in Prediction: Murder?, a quirky cozy mystery series from Vickie Carroll. Escape into the quaint town of Steepwick with your copy today!

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