Divorce, Divination…and Destiny?
Series: Midlife Mayhem, Book 2
Genres: Heroines 40+, Paranormal Women's Fiction
Tags: Four Cauldrons, Recommended Books

I thought my life was over at forty. Turns out, it had only just begun . . .

There’s nothing like experiencing delayed ‘magical-puberty’ at midlife, but that’s where I am. One world-altering secret revealed and my safety bubble snapped into thin air.

Discovering I’m the next descendant in a long line of witches was eventful enough, but it’s nothing compared to finding out that I’m also the only half-fae-hybrid in existence.

At least it got my mind off my divorce.

Now, with my newfound abilities, the impossible seems possible and the world around me has come to life in ways I never imagined.

But with every new blessing, there comes a curse.

The Fae don’t like me.

The Hunter’s Council is searching for me.

And my sometimes-enemy, sometimes-crush, Hunter, has disappeared.

I’m not sure I’m ready for what’s coming, but I’ll be damned if I let the next chapter in my life, be a short one.

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