Gone With The Witches

Forty. Single. And about to become Accidentally Magical…

Up until twenty-four hours ago, my life was the definition of basic.

And that’s okay, because I was happy with my simple existence; co-running the Lustrous Bean, a bookstore café near the beach with my best friend, Willa. But when a small mix-up has my entire world going topsy-turvy, I’m realizing that nothing in life is ever as simple as it seems.

Now, it turns out that my best friend is a Fae princess on the run, my cat is a British tyrant, and my dog has the vocabulary of a three-year-old.
Yes, vocabulary.

Add in a pair of Fae henchmen and a wickedly handsome coven leader, and I’m starting to think I drank a bad bottle of wine. So how does a regular girl become the center of a magical world? You’re about to find out…

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