Mochas and Mayhem

After the shocking discovery that she might be the prophesied daughter of supernatural parents, Simone totally welcomes being whisked away to the woods for some peace and quiet.

Especially because it gives her a chance to get to know Orin better, even if it does cause Chet to spiral into a furious rage.

But just when she thinks she can relax, Ned disappears and she’s suddenly stricken with a magical affliction. And no one is prepared for what’s coming next—the arrival of Simone’s magical and highly dramatic parents.

Since everyone finally seems to be getting along (at least on the surface), Simone indulges her curiosity and writes an ending into the black book. Little does she know that what she thought would be everyone’s happily-ever-after, ends up creating much bigger problems…

Problems that send her friends from the real world—straight into a fictional one.

Now, she’ll have to put her trust in the parents she never knew, and herself, in order to bring them home.

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