Monsters by Moonlight

On my list of things I never thought I’d hear myself say; ‘Werewolves’ are the best kissers’ is certainly at the top. But here I am, one sheriff-shifter boyfriend later, and it’s absolutely true.

Who knew that all it took to fix my love life was a man who could walk on all fours?

After the Pretender’s defeat, life in Mystic Falls has mostly moved on, but I can’t seem to shake this nagging feeling that something isn’t right. And whether by choice—or force—the other man who held a piece of my heart, Jack, is still missing.

And now, with more mysterious disappearances emerging, it’s clear that things aren’t as peaceful as they seem. My investigative instincts tell me there’s a new monster on the loose—and if I don’t discover them, they’ll finish what the Pretender started and destroy everything I’ve come to love.

But in order to save Mystic Falls, the only place I’ve ever belonged, I’ll have to face my past to pave a new way forward. Armed with my favorite boots, my furry familiar, and my posse of magical misfits, we’re going to kick some major bad guy booty.

Who says it’s all downhill after forty?

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