Potions and Princes

There’s a new purpose on Simone’s mind—find Chet someone to love and be loved by.

She just knows that there is something good inside of him, and maybe with April’s help, Chet can prove to be not such a bad guy after all. Simone has high hopes that there could be a happily ever after for her and Orin, and maybe even for Chet and April too, but unfortunately Chet’s misuse of magic has already caused some damage to be undone.

When the magical mayhem is tracked back to the demons that Chet let through the gates of hell, they all have no choice but to journey to hell themselves and stop the corruption at its source. But when they get there, they find that there are a few things they didn’t count on, including Persephone’s ex-boyfriend, Jax…who just so happens to be the Prince of Hell.

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