Some Like it Hexed

Here we go again... She's forty. Single. And Accidentally Magical!

Ever since that fateful knock weeks ago, I expected life to suddenly be brimming with adventure and magic…

Yet here I am, changing my cat’s litter and flossing like nothing ever happened.

I mean, my best friend is a Fae princess, and there’s a magical bracelet fused to my body for goodness sakes! Shouldn’t something be different?!?

But aside from playing mediator in my pet’s arguments (which they have far too often), life is pretty, well, boring again. And the only action I’m seeing is in my dreams with my favorite brooding Coven leader.

I know, I know.

I should be careful what I wish for, but as they say, you can’t fight human nature.

But maybe I should’ve? Because I seem to have forgotten that adventure—and danger—go hand in hand.

And when that second fateful knock finally does come, it brings more adventure than I could’ve ever bargained for…

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