The Hellebore Haunting

Pax Hawthorne (née Thatcher) has inherited a new name and a legacy she isn’t sure she wants. And now her deceased mentor’s herb shop belongs to her too.

It’s a lot to process, so when the opportunity arrives to escape for a day and check out an exhibit of ancient plants, Pax and her best friend, Sam, jump at the chance for a little R&R.

When they arrive, however, instead of cool flowers, they find a lonely ghost in need of their help. She’s been haunting the Gilded Age mansion on the property for over a century, unable to remember how she died. Hoping that discovering the answer will let their new friend rest in peace, Pax and Sam start digging for clues.

But the more truth they uproot, the more it seems there’s something much darker that would prefer the past stay buried. And when this dark force proves it isn’t afraid to play dirty to stop the investigation, Pax must call upon her floral friends for help, or else she may join her ghostly friend in the afterlife.

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