Paranormal Temp Agency Books 1-3 Special Collection

Paranormal Temp Agency Books 1-3 Special Collection

Mr. Fluffikins is the small black cat responsible for overseeing the most powerful supernatural beings in the small Southern town of Beech Grove. He’s also charged with keeping the world of magic hidden from those without it.

Enter Tawny Bigford. She’s a snarky part-time novelist who’s both new in town and about to stumble headfirst into a magical murder investigation.

What’s a bureaucratic cat to do? Well, he might as well hire her as a temp to keep her close until all this funny murder business is solved.

And they’re going to need all the help they can get, especially considering the cat’s various arch-nemeses looming large. Throw in a sexy cop, matronly angel, sarcastic vampire, down-to-earth shifter, and a mysterious old guy wearing a suit, and now Mr. Fluffikins and Tawny are ready to get to work.

If you love quirky humor and madcap magical adventures, then you do not want to miss this hot new series from a USA Today bestselling author. Here it is! This is your chance to binge read the first three books— Witch for Hire, Psychic for Hire, and Vampire for Hire—in this special boxed collection… Enjoy!

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