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Congratulations on joining the Witchy Mysteries family! Whether this is your first foray into these genres or you have a bushel of books under your author belt, you're in fangtastic company.

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After signing your contract, we need to get you set up to dive into all things Witchy. That includes getting you up on our website and introducing you on social media. To do that, we set up an author intake form through.

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After sending your manuscripts to Maria, you may feel that you've reached the end, but in truth, you've only just begun. Now it's time to launch your book into the hands of readers! While Witchy Mysteries will handle the bulk of the promotions, there are things you can do as an author if you choose to do so. Click the link below to learn more!

tips for creating engaging posts in the witchymys reader group

If you're new to posting in Facebook groups, or even if you're an old hat at connecting with readers, this handy-dandy guide is chock full of tips to help you create engaging posts in the Mel Chase's Witchy Mysteries Reader Group. If you're a WitchyMys author, then be sure you've joined the group!