Melinda Chase

Melinda Chase is a bestselling author of Paranormal Women’s Fiction & the owner of Witchy Mysteries!

Over forty years young, Melinda loves writing tales that prove life—romance—and ‘happily-ever-afters’—do exist beyond your twenties!

Her debut Series, Midlife Mayhem is a snarky, hilarious, romantic adventure, sure to please fans of traditional paranormal romance and cozy paranormal mysteries!

P.S. She hates taking photos...

Bye Bye Banshees
My Fair Lycan
Gentlemen Prefer Broomsticks
Some Like it Hexed
Gentlemen Prefer Broomsticks
Myths, Mysteries and…Monsters?
Wings, Whispers and . . . Weddings?
Truths, Tricks and…Traitors?
Heels, Hexes and…Heirlooms?
Paranoia, Pixies and…Prophecies?
Spandex, Spells and…Shadows?
Divorce, Divination…and Destiny?
Forty, Fabulous…and Fae?
Gone With The Witches
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